Why Bother: The Emotionally Detached Gamer

WHY EVEN BOTHER! In a day and age overpopulated by mindless explosions and an extensive amount of bullet time events it’s rare to find a multitude of games that come out on the major platform market with expansive and well thought out worlds and stories.

I remember a time where work days would consist of debates with buddies about what would happen to Commander Sheppard and his crew next?

I miss the days where Games weren’t rated primarily on their name say and graphics but where story played a big part in how well a game was perceived. I realize that we are in a time period where multiplayer is sort of overrunning single player if you will, but I do not believe that this should totally negate the fact that single player is still a major selling point for some people. Rpg gamers, especially console owners should understand where I am coming from for up until now MMORPG’s were not capable for the most part on consoles.


WHY DO I CARE? Is the question of the hour, because when I play a game I don’t want to have to ask myself this? I should want to know and more importantly care about what is going to happen next, because for me that is half the battle. As a developer I would use my story telling abilities to my advantage. What is going to make me come to your game? Huh…? Huh…? I’ll tell you having a likable main character and an interesting P.L.O.T!!

SO in conclusion what makes you play a game…? Sure fun factor is a huge part of it but why play something you have no emotional attachment too? Why fight a war for a hero you could care less about? Why climb to the top of mount Olympus just to see a villain die who you never even hated in the first place? These are the questions that not only gamers should be asking, but also the developers who pump out garbage for a ridiculous sixty dollar price point.


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