The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Review

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Best game of the decade?

By:David Evans

Skyrim one of the most anticipated games of the last decade comes to bear with all guns blazing. Bethesda didn’t take any short cuts on this game. With everything a RPG gamer could ask for from a medieval setting. A vast nearly impossible to completely explore world with near realistic graphics , 150+ dungeons ,and a massive assortment of enemies to go along with that. What else could a gamer ask for? Well there is the new dual wielding capabilities that Bethesda has added.So whether you are a gamer who plays it safe from a distance you have the ability to either use thrown weapon,bow and arrow,or magic.There is also the massive array of close ranged weapons from the normal sword and shield to the massive battle axes and war hammers along with everything in between.

The “classes” of the previous installments are gone now your character is entirely yours to level and build to anything you wish .Wanna be a warrior equip yourself with an ax or two and go hack and slash.That to much for you go into your menus and equip yourself with some magic and fry those enemies from a distance.Skyrim follows the saying of “everything has an equal and opposite reaction” you train what you want when you want ,but saying on one skill will make the others seem weaker in comparison due to those skills not getting any experience.Skills themselves have been improved as well. Useless things no one ever spent points in are gone, and the silly categories of Acrobatics and Athletics have been removed entirely. The “Mysticism” skill has also been removed, its spells redistributed into the other schools. Melee skills have been switched from Blade, Blunt, and Hand-to-Hand to a more logical selection of One-Handed and Two-Handed, while Block has been overhauled to become an active defense and countering Skill. Crafting gets a boost in this game with Smithing making its debut, allowing the creation of powerful weapons and armor from ore mined and found throughout the world. Enchanting has been overhauled as well. You now learn enchantments by first disenchanting already magical weapons and armor. Also helpful is the new Skills menu, which is a much cleaner and less overwhelming scrolling display, allowing you to easily comprehend your available progression options.

The combat system has been revamped as well gone are the chances that your character will block on its own now the blocking ability is controlled via the player and dependant on the equipped items .With either hand controlled with a trigger button blocking and attacking is literally as easy as pressing a button.With shields also not only just something to protect you but a weapon as well you’re not encumbered by wielding a shield as your off-hand weapon.The only draw back from the new dual wield system is when you equip 2 one-handed weapons with damage potentially doubled you lose the ability to block entirely which has a few draw backs in sticky situations.

As for mages no longer do you need to bind spells to face buttons.Magic is now set just like a weapon with double casting abilities easily at hand.The more than eighty-five spells in the game offer a huge variety of potential load-outs, and you can greatly strengthen a spell by equipping it in both hands and simultaneously casting. This variety is emphasized by the new secondary effects on Destruction spells. Fire causes a burn to do extra damage, Frost slows opponents and drains Stamina, and Lightning drains Magicka as it damages.

Stealth which is by no means new to the elder scrolls realm has taken on the aspect of killing only seen recently in the Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age games.Brutalitly is the name of the game sneak up on an enemy for a quick kill will send your character into a short killing scene in which your enemy is formally executed.That is just the beginning with added damage to bows while sneaking and a simple to understand eye shaped cross hair indicating the stealth/”seen” level sneak deaths has never been easier and more practical.

Next we will talk about the dragons .They are here and they love to destroy .Besides being fun to fight with the various difficulties found in fighting an enemy that is as smart if not smarter than the player but love to make your life hell from destroying towns killing innocents they will attack without warning anytime and nearly anywhere.Flying and staying out of melee range is one of the issues to content with.Even though they are a hassle sometimes they are one of the most important enemies in the game with their souls being used for the new abilities called shouts , there bones and scales used to make the best armor in the game,and who doesn’t like the feel of being able to say “Hey u see that dragon ? Ya , I killed it!”.

This is only a small (and i mean small) overview of this amazing game.There are a ton of other things not mentioned and hundreds of things which can’t be covered in such a short speech on this game.While there are imperfections as all games have they are easily overlooked with the rest of the game’s content.If i had to rank this game i would have to give it a 9.8/10 due to the fact that even possible perfection can be improved .


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