Tutorial for Minecraft: Is it Really Necessary?

A few short weeks ago I had the privilege of introducing yet another of my friends to the addiction that is Minecraft, of which we are all a prisoner. While doing so however my scientific side was piqued and I decided to investigate just how hard Minecraft would be to play with absolutely no experience. Being a long time veteran of the game since its early Alpha phase I had a fairly good idea of what I was about to put my mate through as he sat down in his chair and started up the game. As a long time gamer himself the first thing he figured out were the basic movement controls, however as obvious as the WASD set is to most long time gamers, we must think about how the large number of casual gamers would react to a different system than the arrow keys, however better the former may be for this genre of game. After around ten minutes of fiddling however, my friend – still without assistance – worked out how to open the inventory, destroy place and pick up blocks as well as the fact that night time is very bad on hard difficulty. Over the next two hours that passed by unnoticed he had managed to build a basic house, accidentally worked out how to craft Wooden Planks and been killed so many times we lost count; with me all the while cringing which had my mate looking at me like a had a few Roos loose in the top paddock more than once.  I was becoming impressed that he had made it this far without help but it was at this point he asked me whether this was the whole game. It was then I realised what had to happen, so I let him onto the Wiki devoted to Minecraft and very quickly he was enjoying the game much more than before for the simple reason that he now had something to strive for. By simply looking at what had been built by other players and the recipes for blocks he would never have known how to craft beforehand, he could see what could be achieved. It may sound insane, but this is why Minecraft does not need an inbuilt tutorial, because as it stands it is the community which makes Minecraft stronger. New players are driven by their love of the game and the urge to know more which comes with it to head to sites such as Planet Minecraft and the Minecraft Wiki in order to know more. A tutorial however could change this, possibly for the worse as new players will not head to these communities, and as a result are less likely to contribute back to them by uploading tip or images.; It is ultimately the lack of tutorial which makes us better players and in turn better community members. Starting a game with no knowledge can be damning, but a game which has a community and following ready to assist you and give you just enough knowledge to help, but not baby you as a player. That is the sort of game which lasts and though I cannot speak for him, I’m sure my friend would agree too.


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