Protoss: The Road To Diamond Week 3

To start off…

I think I may be one of those masochistic gamers they talk about sometimes.  You know, kind of like the ones who play Dark Souls for twelve hours straight and make minimal progress?  Protoss was very fun at first, but boy is it turning out to be a huge pain in the ass.  Three weeks in, and I still can’t beat a competent Terran player.  I’d like to say that I’d rather stick sharpened pencils into my face, but that wouldn’t be true. Oh, no.  The truth is that I can’t get enough of it.  I look forward to my next loss to Terran like a kid waiting for an ice cream cone.  It’s not that I particularly enjoy losing, but it’s the biggest test I have right now.  I’m 50/50 against Zerg and Protoss, so I’m not even worried about them.  Terran is where it’s at.

As I was saying last week, I was going to use this week to keep polishing the 2-gate stuff.  I still have faith in this opener, as I can smell success as though it were in the very next room.  Ignoring PvZ and PvP for a moment, my Stargate opener can work.  I can see by certain opponents’ movements and choices that they go into panic mode when I’m doing it right.  For some reason, I can’t seal the deal.  My transition out of it is completely lacking substance, even when I expand behind it and put up a few cannons for support.  As it is right now, I’m most willing to say it’s my over-commitment to Void Rays.  I soften up buildings and units really well in the early stages of the push, and I know it makes most people in my league overreact. But as soon as the Marine numbers go up, I’m completely helpless.  Next week, I’ll try falling back a lot sooner and switch to Robotech for Colossi before they counter.


Scouting has also proved to be the bane of my existence, but that’s my own newb fault.  I forget to research Hallucination practically every game, and it always hurts me.  Letting a Terran get decent intel while you sit back in the dark is more dangerous than in the other two matchups, if you ask me. If they see something they don’t like, they can just sit and turtle all night long, and that’s pretty much exactly where they want to be.

HT’s Against Terran

One thing I am improving on is my usage of HT’s against Terran when I opt to 2-gate FE or 2-gate robo.  It’s far from perfect, obviously, but Storm and Feedback have evened the odds more times than I can count.  Something I see a lot of people doing more of is picking up troops during a Storm.  It’s kind of good, but kind of meh at the same time.  Yeah, the units inside may last a little longer, but if the Medivac takes damage and it has a lot of energy, one Feedback = GG.  The thing is, my multitasking is garbage so I don’t really use Forcefields as effectively as I could in those situations where Storm could own everything.

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