Top Games For February 2012

 In the year of 2012, January has not released too many impressive games. There is a long list of games that are coming out in February. Here are some of TheGameGuide’s top games coming out in February.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning-

This open world RPG sets your character in a land of magic and intense violence. Furthermore, this game has immersed storytelling but lacks in character customization. Players can have a choice of picking four different species from five different types of regions. As your player awakes from the dead, he can choose different skills and abilities throughout the game. The developers created this game to have timing of buttons in combat like God of war. Lead combat designer Joe Quadara quoted the style of game play kingdoms of Amalur would be a marriage between Oblivion and God of War. This game comes out on the Xbox 360, Play station 3 and PC on February 7th and is rated M for mature.

Twisted Metal-

Imagine being in a demolition derby with crazy cars, funky outfits and big guns. The result is Twisted Metal. A man named Calypso has created these derbies for entertainment of an audience. Players get to choose which car they want, customize it and blow enemies up. The last one alive wins and is rewarded with any wish they want. Now the game play suffers minor flaws of repetitiveness but what game doesn’t. The graphics and interaction with the environment really change how Twisted Mental will be played unlike the other 11 versions of this game. This game comes out exclusively on the Play station 3 on February 14th and is rated M for mature.

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  1. I’ve never really been into the SSX series but it’s nice to know old series are still going.

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