Must Have Minecraft Mods!

Industrial Craft 2 (IC2)

Ask any gamer in the current modding community and more than likely they will tell you that there is always a lingering issue with modding a game like Minecraft. Too many mods end up sacrificing their longevity for the sake of retaining the spirit of the game, as well as vice versa. While many mods like this can still be excellent, it is generally mods that succeed in accomplishing both that are the ones which stand out from the crowd. The first mod I believe achieved this properly was the Aether and while Industrial Craft has been around for a similarly long period of time, it is only now with its sequel, acronymically titled IC2, that we can at last see a fully fleshed out an in-depth mod which still manages to feel like playing Minecraft. The basic premise of IC2 is simple, the mod introduces a large number of machines, gadgets and new materials, all of which can allow you to streamline your mining, processing and crafting of materials of materials. The best feature of Industrial Craft 2 is that the mod has items for every tier of crafting, for instance copper, a key component in machines, can be mined very early on in the game; this allows your creations to grow with mineral wealth right from the start of the game. By having a large amount of crafting necessary to build many machines the mod never feels like a ‘pull lever to win’ and it invokes the child in all of us with the thrill of watching our carefully crafted system run like clockwork. Put simply, this is a mod for anyone who enjoyed watching a model train go round the circuit, and truthfully that’s just about everyone.


If you’re honest then you’ll have no doubt have realised that transporting materials large distances has never been one of Minecraft’s strong suits. Unless you count the generally useless Storage Minecarts, there is no other means by which to move all of the goodies that you have no doubt painstakingly collected over you time in the game aside from role-playing as Postman Pat who forgot his van. However with the rather difficult installation of BuildCraft you can pipe your worries away, because this mod will soon become you favourite part of the game. I must stress straight away however that this is a mod that should not really be by itself, this is mostly due to the fact that large majority of the mod is about using machines to quarry out large amounts of resources and then creating piping systems to transport them. Owing to this, by itself you will be left wanting something to do with the vast amount of mineral wealth that you will attain. Industrial Craft 2, Equivalent Exchange or both are some of the most sensible choices as for both mods you will need a large amount of resources for the larger constructions. The adage which reflects this mod is that why mine it yourself when you could get your oil thirsty quarry to destroy the eco-system.

Equivalent Exchange

Equivalent Exchange is a strange mod in the sense that from an outside view it seems very insubstantial, however it is only when you peel away the crust of this mod do you see how very wrong you were. The mod is referred to by many as what is known as endgame content, generally used near the completion of a game to just go nuts with whatever you can create. In Equivalent Exchange, it involves spending ridiculous amounts of diamonds and other such materials of rarity to create the fabled Dark Matter items. This is where the mod could have ended, not so, the creator obviously thought. So aside from ridiculous diamond spending, you can convert almost any item or material in the game into almost anything else. The key to all this working well is the creator’s ability at balancing the exchanging and in this instance he has hit the nail on the head, with every swap feeling natural and not overpowering. As well as the exchanging of materials, the mod also introduces items such as the Destruction Catalyst and many different amulets which will grant god-like powers to the user. Despite still not being available for multiplayer, this is still a large but neat mod which is excellent at what it does as well as being a great addition to mod packs. If it’s depth you’re after, look no further than Equivalent Exchange.


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