Protoss: The Road To Diamond Week 2

Protoss: The Road To Diamond

Week 2

               This week pretty much kicked my ass around.  I still have yet to achieve a meaningful victory against Terran, Protoss is a tossup (pun intended), and I’ve been struggling with Platinum caliber Zergs.  It’s not exactly that the people I’m playing are doing anything fancy or different, it’s that I’m still not used to warp-ins and finding effective unit compositions.  It probably sounds like an excuse, but it’s truly frustrating when you know exactly what your opponent is doing and simply can’t throw together an army that works well.  Come on, MMM/ghost?  I see it a mile away but can’t seem to keep it under control.

Maybe I haven’t been doing enough homework.  I really only watched WhiteRa’s stream for an hour, and maybe a couple of VOD’s on youtube.  Surprisingly, I found that CombatEx is actually an excellent analyst.  For those of you that don’t know, CombatEx is widely known for his over-the-top BM to the point where Team Liquid has banned any forum topics that even reference him.  However, his insights actually did help my game quite a bit.  I love being aggressive, even in situations where aggression really wouldn’t be expected.  I feel that keeping your opponent thinking that you may be knocking on his door at any moment is the best way to dictate the pace of the game.  CombatEx has a few very good openings that are easy to remember and surprisingly effective.  Do yourself a favor and visit his Youtube channel. You will not regret it!

One thing I took from his videos was the effectiveness of a 2-gate opening.  Okay, okay…I admit it…I’m a newb and didn’t know about this strategy.  Poking around a bit, I found that it’s actually a pretty popular opening for early pressure.  Anyway, I tried a 2-gate against all races with varying degrees of success.  Probably because I suck and still don’t really know the whole “place and time” element for it, but whatever.  Practice makes perfect and such.

So against Zerg, I easily got the most out of my 2-gate opener.  The timing against a fast expanding Zerg falls into place almost seamlessly, and immediately puts you in a position of power.  The best case scenario is that your opponent will overreact and build too many attacking units or Spine Crawlers.  The worst case scenario is that he holds it perfectly and you still made him produce an extra 150-250 minerals worth of Zerglings.  This opening feels so much safer to me than a FFE (Forge Fast Expand).  I know the reasoning behind a FFE, but it leaves me with this feeling of blindness and vulnerability that I’m not used to.  There are no Hellions or Bunkers to toy around with, so the next best thing is three Zealots.  My personal best was killing off four Zerglings and about nine drones or so with this opener vs. a standard fast expand.  Granted, this guy turned out to be high Silver, but still.  I should add that Zealot positioning is very important here.  You want to get them either between mineral deposits or at least with their backs to minerals.  The reasoning behind this is to cut down as many opportunities for surrounds as possible and allows your Zealots to box against wimpy drones and Lings 1v1 all day.


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