Bethesda vs. Interplay

Bethesda game studios

After a long and tedious three year battle against Interplay (the original developers of Fallout) Bethesda paid a $2 million dollar settlement on Monday for the development rights of an MMO based on the very popular Fallout series.

When Bethesda gained the full intellectual property right to Fallout in April 2007, it gave Interplay a license to create an MMO titled “Fallout online” according to a press release on Monday, some of the conditions that came with the agreement was that Interplay had to raise $30 million in funding as well as begin a “full scale development” on the game by April 2009.

The most that has been seen about the game is an official announcement by Interplay in 2010 and also an official website along with a beta test application form. (I bet some people are still waiting for a reply.) When Interplay failed to meet all the requirements (something that Interplay has disputed) Bethesda stepped in and began the legal actions, and took back the Fallout Online license.

So sorry Interplay fans, you are not going to see anything Fallout related coming from them anytime soon, if not ever.


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