Are Microsoft and Sony announcing new hardware at E3?

It was revealed earlier this week by MCV that Microsoft and Sony are to announce plans for new hardware during this year’s E3 conference. Internet speculation has already hinted that Microsoft will announce the Xbox 360’s successor, but Sony’s early move to next-gen hardware proves surprising. Only last year Sony stated that the PS3 will maintain a lifespan of ten years.

Nintendo already introduced the Wii successor Wii U in 2011 so expect more detail, pricing and release dates come June. However it is unlikely we will get the same level of clarity from Microsoft and Sony at this early stage. This could make it the first time in E3’s history that all three gaming giants will be showcasing new hardware.

Although this news will please many gamers out there, inevitable backlash has surfaced. Wedbush Industries and part time videogame analyst Michael Pachter has hit back at MCV’s report. Pachter has brushed aside claims that Sony and Microsoft will announce new hardware. “I think there’s zero chance of a tease from Sony for PlayStation 4 and only a 20 percent chance from Microsoft that they’ll tease the next Xbox,” said Pachter.

MCV Editor in Chief, Michael French, tweeted that their source can’t be named but is highly placed and trustworthy. Michael Pachter’s contrasting analysis to MCV’s report brings a new level of uncertainty to what Microsoft and Sony have planned for their E3 conferences.

What can we expect from the industry giants come June then? On the notion that new hardware is announced, history suggests Sony’s trademark cutting edge technology will feature along with better use of online services and multimedia content. Microsoft could feature closer integration with Kinect, and AAA titles and services to broaden the appeal of controller free gaming. However it’s all speculation and rumour until official announcements are made.

Mark Varley



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