Awesome Buys: U.S Army Toys

With the recent huge success of such FPS games as Battlefield 3, Resistance 3, and of course the much coveted Call of Duty series, it’s a small wonder why the U.S Army itself hasn’t got involved with some replicas of military hardware for use with these games. Now, unbelievably, it has. The very troops that defend a nation have laid down their arms and taken a break from combat, all to provide you with a more immersive gaming experience.

One of the staples of any gamer’s arsenal has to be the assault rifle, with its rapid, powerful fire-rate and, when all else fails, a strong enough gun-butt to deliver a nasty enough melee attack. But why sacrifice the feel of the weapon in your hands, the recoil with each shot and the satisfying swing of the muzzle into your enemies’ heads or lungs with using an average controller? The U.S Army Elite Assault Rifle can either be used in conjunction with a Dual Shock Controller or a Move Motion Controller to make it feel like it is you yourself crouching behind cover in murky swamplands or a derelict Naval base, rather than just the dispensable character you’re controlling.

If picking off your foes from a distance is more your approach, don’t fear! The U.S Army have catered for your needs also with your very own sniper rifle, and what an amazing sentence that is. Warfare gaming has never seemed more realistic, as you now gaze down the sights of your weapon, controlling your breathing and tickling the trigger with your finger, waiting for the perfect shot.

Of course all this would seem wooden and ineffective without the immersion of sound too, and that’s where the Army-sanctioned 3D Gaming Headset comes in. Available for both PS3 and Xbox 360, this headset outflanks others with triple drivers in each ear allowing for a rich, all-encompassing sensation of 3D sound. This new audio experience allows you to pick up the slightest of noises, the most subtle of rustlings which give away an enemy’s position, providing a significant advantage in head-to-head games.

Developed by CTA Digital and arriving in the next couple months, these new U.S Army accessories are guaranteed to bring a fuller, more satisfying gaming world, until you’ll find yourself crouched in your living room, taking pot-shots from behind your sofa as you hurl sock grenades at your television.


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