Self Repairing Bridge

Here is a video on how to make a self-repairing bridge in Minecraft:

Click here if the video does not show up…

This same concept could also be used to make a self-repairing wall on your castle or anything else. This is fairly simple to build, you don’t need many items to build it and the redstone circuit isn’t complicated. It will work for any size river, lake, ocean, etc.

Here is what you will need to build it:

  • 6 regular pistons, you could use as many or as few as you want actually
  • 2 obsidian or bedrock
  • 44 glass
  • 2 buckets of lava
  • 2 buckets of water
  • 4 cobblestone
  • 19 redstone
  • 12 redstone repeaters
  • 1 switch

The construction is self-explanatory in the video but some important notes are that the obsidian/bedrock must be placed behind both of the side pistons. Also, six of the redstone repeaters will be clicked 3 times as to cause a delay on the circuit.

Good luck and enjoy from TheBlockBrothers!


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