Free Online Games: A Way To Pass Time

A Couple Ways to Pass the day at Home/Work.

By:David Evans


Need a game to play as a time passer? Syrnia might be the one for you.It is completely free and is a browser-based rpg game.Though it is leagues away from any of the graphic demanding games like WoW it is still fun.You travel across a world raising your skills meeting people and learning new things.This game is very basic being a point ,click and wait game,but it is designed to be able to be put on the back burner and let it do its own thing while you take care of anything you have to do .It has the same skills to raise as most rpgs and would be fun for most anyone. I personally have been playing this game for 5 years now and havent gotten tired of it yet.This is one of those games you play and don’t realize that you have actually been playing it for a while since everything is based on a count down timer.


Sorta like a dumbed down version of wow with the ability to play for free with an option to pay for extra features this is one of the games that a lot of people play to pass the day as well but is a little more demanding than syrnia due to the fact that things aren’t on a timer but on an open world environment . This game is fun but can seem crowded at times which many players would dislike.With many many skills to train and more ways to train them being added all the time it is an ever-changing world with a huge player base.Many player like this game and it has won several awards for this as well.

Both of these games are set online with others like it as a way to pass the time .They aren’t here to compete with the big boys of wow and rift they are both free and there are many like these out there.I suggest all players of rpgs out there give them a chance you may like them you never know.


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gamer who enjoy most every game genre besides horror because something just isnt right about them

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  1. Online games are very interesting. You can pass your time at your home without any cost.
    Thanks for sharing.

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