Unique Strategy For The Fire Type Duelist: Written by Jack Roids

Everyone likes to psych out their opponent and what better way than to use one associated with Fire. By using the Effect Monster called Ultimate Baseball Kid you quadruple its power 9x at the max. It starts out commonly with 500 ATK & 1000 DEF but with its special effect it can add 1000 ATK to it for every Fire type monster on the field either on your side or your opponent’s. Not only that, you can activate the Trap card, Gravity Bind, to make all monsters on the field level 4 or higher not able to attack. This is a great thing because Ultimate Baseball Kid has a level of 3 which enables it wipe any monster on the field until finally reaching your goal of destroying your opponent’s Life Points. Finally, just to piss off your opponent, you can sacrifice any fire type monster on your side to inflict 500 points of direct damage to your opponent’s Life Points. You can find this card and this awesome strategy in the Blaze Of Destruction starter deck.


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