How to Change Minecraft Skins

-by Squires

There comes a point in every adventurer’s life when they look in their inventory and are tired of have their curser stalked by the gaze of a classic yet boring character. Luckily for said adventurer, they can spice up their character with any skin imaginable following 8 easy steps!


1. Go to the following website The Skindex, and search for a skin.

2. Once you find a skin, go to the right side of the row and click the icon that looks like a server with a ‘down’ arrow on top to download a .png file.

3. Be sure to click ‘Save’ and not ‘Open."

4. Log into your account on

5. Go to the ‘Profile’ panel.

6. Scroll down to the ‘Change Skin’ section. Click Browse, locate where you saved the .png file you downloaded and click it.








7. Click ‘Upload." 8. Open up Minecraft, go into any world and open up your inventory. You should now be able to see your new skin!












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