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TheGameGuide: News

TheGameGuide is moving to a new site this Thursday! It will be more appealing and fun. So please stop by Friday to see the finished result.

TheGameGuide is taking longer than we thought to set up. Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so you can be updated on when the finished result is ready.



Mass Effect 3 Preview

The End Is Nigh

Galactic civilisation shudders on the brink of destruction, blighted by the merciless Reapers, it seems that humanity and its allies are doomed – unless you can prevent the coming apocalypse. That’s right; the climax of Bioware’s epic Mass Effect trilogy is nearly upon us. On March 6th in the US, March 8th in Australia and March 9th in the EU we will finally get to put an end to the Reaper’s cyclical galactic holocaust, or die in the attempt. Excitingly, a demo has been announced for February 14th, yes Valentine’s Day! I may have to rearrange my plans… TheGameGuide takes a look at this upcoming blockbuster. Read the rest of this entry

Tutorial for Minecraft: Is it Really Necessary?

A few short weeks ago I had the privilege of introducing yet another of my friends to the addiction that is Minecraft, of which we are all a prisoner. While doing so however my scientific side was piqued and I decided to investigate just how hard Minecraft would be to play with absolutely no experience. Being a long time veteran of the game since its early Alpha phase I had a fairly good idea of what I was about to put my mate through as he sat down in his chair and started up the game. Read the rest of this entry

TheGameGuide: News

TheGameGuide is soon going to move to a self-hosted blog. Yeah! This means there will be so much more possibilities that TheGameGuide will come by. With more options means TheGameGuide will be ready to support a community and move to the next level. Invite your friends and family to become apart of our community by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We will need you guys to help us in our upcoming projects. A couple of things you should be looking forward too is our Minecraft Server and Starcraft team. TheGameGuide will keep you updated but don’t hesitate to ask questions by posting comments below.

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