Ideas To Improve MW3: Spawn system

No one who has played MW3 could claim it to be perfect. Despite it’s intense game modes and tons of customization there are some issues in the MW3 universe that hinders the games overall performance. This weeks COD Friday will focus on the spawn system of MW3’s multiplayer and ideas on how it could be improved to make the overall multiplayer experience that bit more impressive.
Everyone playing MW3 at the moment will have noticed that the spawn system is frustrating and frankly dumb as it is common for you to spawn right in front of the enemy team. This means that unnecessary deaths occur on your behalf simply due to the games spawning system meaning it is a serious problem with the online play and disrupts the flow of MW3’s multiplayer. Here are just a couple of ways in which the COD spawn system could be improved.

If we look at similar games to COD it is clear they do not suffer from the same problem, it would therefore make sense if the MW3 development team were to adopt some of the features of other games spawn system to improve there own. One system that MW3 could replicate is the one on Gears of War 3 were the spawns are set with just one spawn area for each team, this system is then  strengthened by having a ‘spawn protection’ perk for 3-5 seconds when a player re spawns, this ensures that the player is protected at his/her spawn and it is a simple system that could be adopted by COD. This could be done by having a few set spawns for each team (2-3) as COD’s maps are usually bigger than that of Gears of War, but by keeping the spawn protection initiative it would make spawn trapping must less effective as the player has a few seconds to familiarize themselves with where they have re-spawned and allow them the chance to kill any enemy near the spawn, eradicating the chance of spawn campers.

Another spawn system that could be replicated is that of Battlefield 3, where players are put into squads and can choose to spawn randomly at their own risk (choosing to re-spawn via MW3’s current spawn system) or can choose to spawn on players in their squad who are still alive. This system could be harder to implement seen as Battlefield 3 has bigger maps and teams allowing their squad system to be much more effective. However for COD game modes such as Ground War splitting a teams players into squads or 2 or 3 and following the BF3 spawn system could be effective and would make the COD’s spawn system less unfair as the player has more choice over where they spawn.

Even though there are countless ways to improve the spawn system on MW3 it is unlikely that it will changed for MW3, even if it is changed it won’t be as radical as the ideas I have put forward. Hopefully though in future COD titles this issue will be addressed as it has been raised on lots of forums.  A tip I was given to combat dying from the spawn system is to go prone immediately when re spawned and wait 2 or 3 seconds before moving off as it gives you time to make sure there are no enemies near you and, at least some chance of killing any enemy that has seen you spawn.


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