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What Can You Do If Your APM Isn’t The Best?

Maybe you’re new to the RTS genre. Maybe you’re getting a little older, and your reflexes aren’t what they used to be. Maybe you just play for fun and don’t really care about APM all that much. Don’t freak out too much if your micro isn’t the greatest or your hands aren’t the fastest! There are some choices you can make that could help you step up your game. Read the rest of this entry


Upcoming Tournaments

First MW3 DLC Inbound January 24

Infinity Ward has revealed the first Modern Warfare 3 DLC will come on the 24th of January. Read the rest of this entry

Ideas To Improve MW3: Spawn system

No one who has played MW3 could claim it to be perfect. Despite it’s intense game modes and tons of customization there are some issues in the MW3 universe that hinders the games overall performance. This weeks COD Friday will focus on the spawn system of MW3’s multiplayer and ideas on how it could be improved to make the overall multiplayer experience that bit more impressive. Read the rest of this entry

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