BlizzCon: Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games in the past decade. Blizzcon 2011 allowed those anticipators to experience a preview into its inner workings. Here is a small preview of the information given at the event.

A Q&A session was held early on which gave the audience the chance to ask questions about the game and its features. The main ones from the beginning were (summed-up):

Is there any way of going straight to higher difficulties above normal instead of having to play through normal to unlock them?

There is no chance to start on the higher difficulties but this gives the chance for the player to experience the story and get familiar with the skills so as to be able to use them in the harder difficulties more effectively. The 1st hour of normal is pretty much a tutorial and once cleared, the game has been given feedback as being challenging enough.

Are farmers as much of a problem as in other games such as WOW?

Farmers are not as much of a problem because of the fact Diablo is not a persistent world compared to World of Warcraft that is. Also farmers can go into their own server away from any other users and farm to their heart’s content without affecting the gameplay for others.

Will there be any benefit in progressing through Inferno without a follower?

There will be some bonuses but there are ideas on making benefits possible that equal the use of a follower or something around that area in the future.

What features can be found using Hardcore mode?

First off, once you die in Hardcore mode, that character is gone forever. Hardcore is also completely separated from the regular game so Hardcore players have their own auction house which is gold only and Hardcore players cannot trade with normal characters, only those that are also in Hardcore mode. In addition, if you do die then all items that you own are gone forever because of there being no drop from your corpse. Hardcore duelling is still being discussed because of the complexity of issues raised such as permanent death.

Are there any thoughts on nerfing Inferno to make the game more accessible to casual players?

There are no plans to nerf Inferno at the moment but it is still being discussed and there is a possibility that it could be because of experience with extreme bosses in World of Warcraft but it won’t be nerfed to make it more casual.

All other questions can be found in the Q&A video on the Official Diablo 3 Youtube page.

The gameplay was discussed later on and spanned a number of features. The main ones were, firstly, achievements are of abundance in the game and vary from ones that give high acclaim to those that prove how much of a noob you are. These achievements are also linked to your in-game banner and make additions to the decoration and size as you progress you complete them.

Crafting was mentioned and gave information of the improved item life-cycle. Items can now be enchanted by the Mystic Artisan who can add a variety of effects such as gold-find and attribute boosts. As the game progresses the enchantments available increase, adding more advanced, useful improvements to aid you. The Jeweler also keeps gem combinations with items going as well as being able to remove those said gems and combine gems together to improve them.

PvP has also been upgraded since last year. Team Deathmatch is the current mode and some rules have changed. Now, once dead, you respawn in 3 seconds and naturally the winner is the team with the most kills in 10 minutes. Because there is no trading of any kind for the duration of a match the players need to strategize themselves beforehand to have themselves ready.

All other information and goodies from BlizzCon 2011 can also be found on the Official Diablo 3 Youtube page.

There is also a special offer that was announced at BlizzCon 2011. If you enter a commitment to pay for a 12 month subscription for World of Warcraft you get a free, digital copy of Diablo 3 on release as well as a special mount in World of Warcraft which will be available in patch 4.3 and guaranteed access to the beta test of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria.


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