Back To The Past: Call Of Duty World At War

In 2008 Infinity Ward released the game Call Of Duty World At War. The popular war franchise met its newest iteration with wide embrace.  

History and Development

World at War was announced in summer 2007 and took 2 years to make. According to Wikipedia ” The game is powered by an enhanced version of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare engine, with several improvements made to the physics model. Environments are more destructible and can be set on fire with the flamethrower, which features propagating fire. Dismemberment, as well as realistic skin and clothes burning of the characters were added.”


Most of the components of the previous Call of Duty games are still in tact. New features included were co-op mode, a staple in the series ever since, and new maps and weapons to keep the gameplay fresh. The setting is in 1942 during World War II. So, in every version but the Wii, the game has Nazi Zombies. When you think about the best part about this game, you usually think of the very fun Nazi Zombie levels. In this mode you shoot through waves of Nazi Zombies and kill them. This game also has DLC in the form of map packs. These map packs came with new maps to play in the game.


The game sold a lot of copies. Let me put it this way. This game sold over 11 million copies. Multiply that by $60 (most games at retail) and you have 660 million dollars. Call of Duty has been a money-making machine  from then on. As you can see this game was very successful in the FPS market.


The multiplayer in World at War is the favorite of the Call of Duty games.  There are many modes for you and your friends to play. You can also play with many friends (or strangers) online.

Call of Duty World at War is a game that people will remember for being a great FPS. The newest iteration of the series Modern Warfare 3 is going to hit store shelves on November 8th 2011.


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