Xbox 360 New Streaming Features

By Andrew Higginbotham

Xbox is about to begin a new era in media streaming this holiday, opening doors to all types of streaming. Xbox Live will be the platform for the next generation of television, with nearly 40 of the world’s leading television providers, including Comcast, HBO, BBC, Rogers on Demand and many others. This update will be rolling out during the holiday season in more than 20 countries.

The Xbox 360 will bring all of your entertainment, friends and family together in one place.
Now you will easily be able to switch from playing your favorite game with a friend to watching your favorite TV show with family on the same couch, all on Xbox Live. You will also be able to seamlessly switch from games to music to live TV and that much more by telling your Xbox what you want to explore all through the new technology of Kinect.

Xbox 360 will be the first gaming console to offer access to the world’s greatest television
properties including the BBC in the U.K.; Telefónica in Spain; Televisa in Mexico; and many of the big channels in the United States such as Xfinity from Comcast, Crackle, Epix, Syfy, TMZ, The Today Show, UFC, Verizon FiOS and HBO Go. These new channels are in addition to Xbox’s already stellar lineup of channels ranging from AT&T, Netflix, and Hulu+ in the US, TELUS in Canada, and BSkyB in the U.K.

Sports are not just a genre of games on the Xbox 360 anymore. Xbox Live will completely change the way that the sports are viewed featuring split screen games, live video, highlights and enhanced personalization options. Making it the easiest way to find your favorite teams and sports that you want to see. Along with adding many new channels and offerings such as an expansion of the ESPN content that we already enjoy and now the UFC in the United States, GolTV in Spain and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment as well as the UFC in Canada.

The UFC on Xbox will allow Xbox users access to prefight event videos, a back catalog of on
demand fights and an Interactive Fight Card where you will be able to make your prediction                    for the fight, and pay-per-view events in HD all in one place.

In addition to bringing new TV to our Xbox, Microsoft will also be bringing us the best of the
web with partners such as AlloCine, Dailymotion, iHeartRadio, MSN, TMZ, VEVO and YouTube.                So now you will be able to catch up on your favorite TV shows, internet video sources and all your       favorite games in one place.

Microsoft is sure you’ll love the new additions while using Kinect. Gone are the days of juggling multiple remotes while trying to find the perfect movie or show to watch. With the voice search feature you will be able to Bing whatever you are looking for. Now not only is the entertainment more effortless it is more
social and personal. Xbox has been designed to share with your friends. You can now share show recommendations what you’re watching and music you’re listening to, as well as invite them to join you.
You’ll also be able to post your game achievements and info about your favorite movies to Facebook wall from Xbox Live.

So in Microsoft’s way of putting it, “With your social network along for the ride the world’s
leading content providers and the magic of Kinect, entertainment is better on Xbox Live.”

Click here to go to the Xbox website and there you can watch a video of the new streaming features.


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