Awesome Buys: Walmart Xbox Bundle

By Chris Rajan

Walmart are offering a great XBOX
Bundle from just $229, this includes an XBOX 360 4GB console, a 3 month XBOX
Live GOLD membership card as well as a choice of three games, Ace Combat 6
(Teen), Create (Everyone) or Cabela’s Outdoor Adventure 2010 (Teen), this can
save you about $30 to $40, enough to buy another decent game on top of that!

The XBOX 360 4GB that is being sold has built in WiFi, and
is the only gaming console to have 802.11n WiFi to make it much more accessible
to XBOX Live. From Xbox Live you can stream HD
movies and TV or download games from Xbox LIVE in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound
from anywhere in the house. Featuring a specialized port for Kinect, this
Microsoft Xbox 360 console is made to connect with the Kinect Sensor at maximum
ease. Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in amazing new ways where
you only need yourself as the controller. XBOX Kinect is easy to use and fun,
it gets everyone off the sofa, laughing and cheering.

Xbox Live brings a world of
entertainment to you. You can watch movies and TV streaming from Netflix, and
in stunning HD. You cand also download game add-ons like new levels,
characters, and maps. You can connect with friends on Facebook or post Tweets
on Twitter, even social networking is not a problem. Xbox LIVE is your
connection to more games, entertainment and pure enjoyment.

Onto the three games, Cabela’s
Outdoor Adventure 2010, Create and Ace Combat 6. Cabela’s Outdoor Adventure
2010 is a hunting game which takes you as the hunter, shooting deer or
pheasants, catching fish etc. It’s a really engaging game with graphics,
gameplay and presentation. Create is a series of over 100 puzzles for you to
solve, it’s more of a family game so everyone can get involved, and with crisp
graphics, nice sound and a lasting appeal this seems up there as well. Ace
Combat 6 seems to be my pick of the lot though with amazing graphics, great
gameplay and a very good lasting appeal on the player, this exilharating game
of being a fighter pilot is sure to be a
great top value game.

To go over the bundle:

– XBOX 360 4GB

– 3 month XBOX Live
Gold Memebership

– A choice from three
games Ace Combat 6, Create or Cabela’s Outdoor Adventure 2010

To find out more:

XBOX 360 WalmartBundle


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