Playstation 3D Display

The display itself!

The new Playstation 3D Display by Sony is a one of a kind display. You can (of course) play your PS3 3D games on this 24” slim LED display. And with the new SimulView technology, you can get a full HD screen while playing with a friend. (Meaning no split screens!)  And with cable box and PC support, this will be worth the hefty $500.00.

The Package

Inside you’ll get a 24’ LED display and a copy of Motor Storm Apocalypse. You also get a pair of universal 3D Glasses and a HDMI cable. Plus built-in speakers and subwoofer make the audio epic!

The Display

Once you set up the display you can hook it up to 3 devices. PS3,PC,or a Cable Box. As I said before, the display is a 24” LED 1080p (1920 x 1080) with a 240 Hz refresh rate. You can use it for a monitor for your desktop PC and you can hook up your cable box to watch 2D and 3D TV. But the main component is the PS3 support. You can play over 50 3D titles for the PS3 like Uncharted 3, the recently released Ratchet And Clank All 4 One. You can also watch all the movies and TV Shows that are on the PSN Market.

In conclusion, the Playstation 3D Display is a must buy for 3D enthusiasts and gamers alike.


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  1. Its truly awesome. Thanks for sharing such cool video with us.

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