MW3 Overview

By Matthew Needham

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the
biggest upcoming game of the year which is to be released next month. I brought
this to you so you are up to date with all the info here is an overview of what
you can expect.


The campaign follows straight on from the
events of Modern Warfare 2 where the Russian Federation, which had previously
invaded the USA, has now expanded its attacks into Europe. You continue with
the return of Captain John ‘Soap’ MacTavish and Captain Price who are on the
run after killing US Army Lieutenant-gone-rogue General Shepherd. There are a
number of new characters that make an appearance throughout the story with the
return of a previous COD4 character Wallcroft. The game follows the same
mechanics as the prequels so generally there are no significant changes apart
from slight improvements in lighting and shadows.

Spec Ops

Spec Ops has made a greatly anticipated
return from MW2 with new exciting features. These features include a global
ranking system and online match making. Modes have also been introduced which
includes Survival, Mission and a horde-like mode over as much as a dozen maps.


Modern Warfare 2’s online was exactly what an
online gamer would want from a game but the people at Infinity Ward and
Sledgehammer Games are wanting to push Modern Warfare 3 even further. The
online features have been tweaked since MW2 to allow for a greater immersive
and challenging experience. Firstly, 3 ‘Strike Packages’ have been introduced
for killstreaks named Assault, Support and Specialist. These consist of certain
package specific killstreaks centred on what the package name suggests. The
Assault package has the same workings as those you find in MW2 as the default
killstreaks that are aggressive and aid in ‘assaulting’ your enemy. The Support
package includes killstreaks that help ‘support’ the other players on your team
such as the UAV. This package is unique that, upon death during a game, your killstreak
will not reset but build up over the match’s entirety and with the inclusion of
objective-based goals that add to the killstreak when completed to aid further.
The Specialist package is very aside from the other packages as it replaces
killstreaks with perks so that after every 2 kills the player gets to choose
from a selection of perks. After 8 kills the player then receives every perk
available in-game which can aid massively countering the disadvantage of there
being no killstreaks available to that player.

Additional killstreaks have also been added
to increase the already hefty selection of in-game rewards. These include the:

  • IMS (Intelligent Munitions
    System) – Acts like a powerful Bouncing Betty
  • Strafe Gun – 5 helicopters
    strafe from side to side at a specific point on the map, killing anyone in
    their sights
  • Little Bird Guard – A small
    remote controlled helicopter that spots and attacks enemies
  • Assault Drone – A remote
    controlled fireable turret
  • Juggernaut – Extra health for a
    limited amount of time
  • Juggernaut Recon – Extra health
    and a riot shield but only allows the use of the pistol
  • Osprey Gunner – Similar to the
    Chopper Gunner from MW2, it also allows the dropping of care packages to aid
    your teammates on the ground
  • Ballistic Vests – A crate of
    ballistic vests drop that your team can pick up which give extra health until
  • Airdrop Trap – A care package
    that explodes upon opening
  • Recon Drone – A controllable
  • Escort Airdrop – Care packages
    are dropped with defence from an Osprey Gunner

Nukes have also been removed from the
killstreak roster as they posed the threat of cheating and camping and also to
allow a more rounded online experience without the fear of games cut short
because of this controversial killstreak.

The Perks have also has a slight change.
Stopping Power, One-Man Army, Commando and Last Stand have been removed to
allow more balanced online gameplay to extinguish the power that they give over
others that don’t have the perk.

The MP5 has made a return to online as it
was absent in MW2 apart from the MP5K.

As well as ranking up your player, your
weapons now also increase in level. As the weapon levels up it gains certain
improvements such as Kick and Focus which aid in giving you a slight edge in
conflict. Another advantage can be found in hybrid scopes where, for example, a
Red Dot sight and ACOG sight could be equipped to a weapon and alternated to
suit the situation as needed.

The Prestige Shop is another addition which
is available once you have prestiged at least once. This shop can be used to
buy exclusive features such as additional custom class slots or double XP.

A new game mode has been added also, named
‘Kill Confirmed’. In this game mode, once a kill is achieved by the player, to
get the kill to become registered, they have to collect the dog tag from the
body. This can be countered by the defending team collecting the dog tag before
the attacking team to deny the kill.


MW3 takes the formula from MW2 and improves
it even further than before, pushing the benchmark for war-shooter games to
even higher levels making it even harder for the competition to keep up. MW3 is
one of the most anticipated games of 2011 following on from the same with MW2
in 2009 and still fails to disappoint. Let’s hope MW3 can live up to the hype.

Game Packages

Upon release a number of game packages will
be available for purchase:

  • The standard standalone game
  • The Hardened Edition which
    includes a unique disc art, 1 year Call of Duty: ELITE membership, special
    ‘founder’ status on ELITE, premium Steelbook case, exclusive theme (PS3)/Avatar
    (360) and a limited edition field journal which chronicles the entire saga.
  • The Limited Edition Xbox 360
    console package which includes the standard edition copy of MW3 customised
    320GB MW3 console, 2 customised MW3 controllers, an Xbox Live download code for
    downloadable avatar items, an Xbox 360 headset and one month of Xbox Live Gold

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  1. Sometimes the title says it all anyway. I enjoyed reading your post though : )

  2. COD: MW3 is finally about to be released. Has anyone else already preordered it?

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