Awesome Buys: Razor Lycosa- Nexus of Dominion

 By Matthew Needham

The Nexus of Dominion by Razor is completely centred on the PC gamer.

Part of its ‘Expert’ range, the Nexus of Dominion’s slim keycap structure and 1 millisecond response time aids the reactions and gives the gamer an advantage from the start which could be the difference between life and death during extreme gaming sessions. The backlighting adds a warm, intense feel whilst playing and with the ability to change to a WASD lighting option, can easily provide help for both new and professional gamers.

The unique TouchPanel also helps the media-crazed and is able to control media, sound and brightness at the fingertip without the need for button mashing.

The fully-programmable keys complete with macro capability add entire customisation with the ability to swap between 10 different customisable settings for every different gaming situation at the
touch of a button.

Talking and listening across the gaming world is also a lot easier with the additional earphone and microphone jacks built-in as well as an integrated USB extension port creating easy access without the need to congest your desktop with long wires and keep your gaming workspace tidy and ready for any gaming marathon.

Comfort can be found with a non-slip rubber key top, which reduces any chance of slippage and a detachable wrist rest so those long hours can be battled out without a hint of discomfort.

The Nexus of Dominion is the essential gaming accessory for any extreme gamer or anyone just wanting a helping hand on ridding their gaming woes.


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