FIFA 12 Review

FIFA 12 is the latest football game to be released by Electronic Arts in late
September this year. This was the one that was supposed to revolutionize the
way we play football on our consoles. Well, I think it certainly did a good job
of it. As well as many other sports games in the recent year they’ve targeted
better graphics, more challenging AI and a sense of putting the player in the
game. With nearly 30 different leagues, over 500 clubs to choose from you get
yourself right into the game and the brand new Player Impact Engine just puts
the cherry on the cake for FIFA 12.

The graphics on FIFA 12 are much improved, on FIFA 11 the players were at times
disgusting to look at and especially to its main rival Pro Evolution Soccer it
was tatty and amateurish. However, this year, they have kicked it up a notch,
in fact a few notches, the graphics on the players much more realistic, braking
even or even out classing graphics on PES 12. Not only that, the grass, shadows
of the players, crowds and stadiums have all been tweaked. This improves the
look of the game massively, as a player you ell engaged and aware, EA have
really outdone themselves this time.

Players push and pull jostling for possession.

Now on to the main success of
FIFA 12… gameplay. Three major changes have occurred in FIFA 12, the well
anticipated Player Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling and Tactical Defending.
Tactical Defending allows the player to have ,ore freedom with the way they
defend, however as a player this is much harder to operate than in previous
titles, whether that’s a positive or negative is up to you, but it closed all
mouths claiming FIFA was too easy to play. This allows you to put pressure onto
the opposition instead of just tackling them, if you get it spot on you will
achieve a perfect tackle.

Precision Dribbling allows much
more control to the player when they are attacking, they can swerve more and
move in more directions, allowing more dodging and get you into better
positions in order to pass the ball. You can also dribble and hold players off,
you will have much more tighter control and the brains of the players have
improved as well, they are much more aware of their surroundings and act
accordingly this type of intelligence is amazing, which is why it’s now ‘the
fastest selling sports game of all time!’

The Player Impact Engine is unarguably the biggest addition
to gameplay, before FIFA games always showed as if players had similar
reactions to any tackle no matter what the power given. However, now with FIFA
12 your players and the AI’s players react to actions much better, not only
their body, their head, arms etc. However, as this is the first game including
this feature there are a few glitches such as multiple flips from a simple trip
or the head in a different position to the rest of the body. Another new
feature introduced is the Drop Ball, where if a player has to go off due to
injury, the referee may drop the ball for one of the two players to kick.


– 29 Leagues from 21

Over 500 clubs to
choose from

– Career and Online

– Many more skills to
choose from

– Completely new
display compared to before

This is a game that isn’t perfect, and that won’t suit
everyone, but that absolutely reeks of effort, of care, of love for the sport.
Blast EA and its peers for the way they run their businesses if you want to,
but recognize this: with friends, with practice, with a will to re-think your
approach to defense, FIFA is an absolute joy to play.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10


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