Forza 4 Review

Motorsport 4 – XBOX 360

Forza Motorsport impressed for its time, Forza Motorsport 2 showed some great
features, Forza Motorsport 3 threatened Gran Turismo 5 as one of the top racing
games ever, Forza Motorsport 4… well, it just revolutionised racing on games
consoles. With unarguably, the best graphics seen on a racing game, amazing
sounds from roaring engines, over 500 vehicles to choose from and amazing
realism from XBOX Kinect, Forza Motorsport 4 is a force to be reckoned with.

The stunning graphics make you sit and wonder how they pulled that off. The amount
of detail put into each car is amazing, on the track, you can see the heavy sun
burst its light onto the car. Forza 3 had great graphics but this is off the
scale and seeing the view from the inside while driving the car is amazing, the
detail in the interior made specifically for each car, the view from the
cockpit seeing another car zoom past you on the outside covering you from the
sun, amazing detail. The Autovista models lets you have a amazing views of the
car, letting you see every detail, and in Kinect you can walk around it like a
you’re in a showroom and see the engine, the interior, the doors etc. Overall,
the graphics are astoundingly amazing.

The sound on the game is undoubtedly amazing. If you mute the
music and increase the sound effects you can really feel the screaming beauty of
the engine, especially on the older models like the D-Type Jag, the sound is sweeter
than Belgian Chocolate on your tastebuds. The different engine sounds stun me as
the amount of effort put into it. It isn’t just the sound of the cars, you can hear
the wind rushing through the car, the shriek of the car from very drift you attempt,
the shuddering noise in a high impact noise and much more. The music is not great
but the the beauty of the sound effects make up for it greatly.

The game has very interesting new tweaks as well, for
example in Fujimi Kaido the car lacks grip but on other tracks like the Top
Gear Test Track you have much more grip able to brake later and keeping the car
in one direction consistently. Also with over 500 cars to choose from there
surely is a car for everyone, you can have a sleek modern one like the
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento or a old beauty like the Jaguar D Type or you can go
mental and go for the Zonda R, mental at its peak. Turn 10 have also changed
the way you play, you have much tougher AI, meaning you have to really get on
the top of your driving style to be successful.

To finish off, Forza 4 has changed the gaming industry in terms
of racing, its ultimate graphics, its engaging simulation and it’s variety of cars
just makes you feel like you are actually driving a real car, an experience usually
very hard to get from a game genre like this. I suggest this should be one of the
top dream games on your dream list.

RATING – 9.5 out of 10


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