Portal 2 DLC Overview

The newly released free downloadable content for Portal 2 includes nine
new co-op levels, as well as a new Challenge mode and leaderboard. The levels
reintroduce familiar features from the main game, including gels, lasers, and
launch pads. Being the harmonious team that it is, the GameSpot crew jumped
straight into co-op to see what dastardly designs Valve have devised. See below
for gameplay clips from Art Therapy, the co-op portion of the DLC.

Portal 2: Peer Review DLC Test 1 – Lasers (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 

As seen above, the first level of Art Therapy pulls no punches,
throwing turrets, lasers, and refraction boxes into the mix. Firstly, some
turrets must be fried with a refraction box (tragically, some boxes were harmed
in the making of this video). The second half of the level requires juggling and
portal shifting to get a ball across the map.

Portal 2: Peer Review DLC Test 4 – Bouncy Bouncy (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 

Level four is the first of the DLC levels to use blue and orange gels. It
combines these with the blue beam walkway (Hard Light Bridge) to great effect.
We had to combine the blue gels and walkway to get across the ledges, which is
always a fun way to cross chasms. Here’s a quick tip: Make sure the walls are
completely covered with gel. If any part is missed, poor Atlas or P-Body could
become spare parts.

In the next room, blue and orange gels need to be combined with the walkway
once again. The orange gel must be painted first to make you fast enough to jump
up to the ledge using the blue gel. As you can see by our failed attempt, using
only the blue gel doesn’t work.

Portal 2 Peer Review DLC Test 5 – Paint EVERYTHING!

This level is reminiscent of a part of the campaign in which white gel is
used to pretty much coat the entire level. In our first play through, we painted
everything in white before solving the puzzle.

The co-op portion of the DLC will take a few hours to complete, depending on
your puzzle-solving proficiency. Combined with the replay value added by the new
Challenge mode and leaderboard, Peer Review is a great reason to revisit Portal


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