Orcs Must Die ! A Never Ending Arsenal of Weapons, Traps and Fun

Orcs Must Die ! A Never Ending Arsenal of Weapons, Traps and Fun

Fan of tower defense games? Orcs Must Die ! due for release on the PC tomorrow Oct,12 is sure to whet your appetite.

From Robot Entertainment, (the guys behind Halo Wars) Orcs Must Die ! places an interesting twist to the traditional TD genre by adding the elements of traps and weapons. Surprisingly, this game features not a single tower to build, only traps, traps and traps!

The game takes place inside fortresses, or the game’s level of play if you will. You play as the “War Mage”, who has an affinity with magic is the only thing that stands against the invading orcs . There’s a healthy amount of traps, ranging acid pits to hot coals that incinerate enemy orcs. However, trap placement isn’t the only part of the game. Orcs Must Die ! features RPG elements and allows the War Mage to cast spells to aid his defences. Other rpg elements include, upgrading of traps and spells from skull you collect through the level.

The game may be reminiscent of the classic, Sanctum. However, Orcs features much more action oriented gameplay, the joy of headshotting an orc across the screen as he is impaled by spikes is ridiculous to say the least. Of course, this also means there are no mazing aspects in Orcs, this may disappoint some traditional TD fans.

Look out for Orcs Must Die ! of its Steam release on Oct, 12 , priced at 14.99 USD

If you have Xbox 360 you can also buy the game now for 1200 MSP.

The reveal trailer may be found by clicking here!

Joystiq gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating, calling it a finely tuned whirling chamber of death. IGN gave the title a 9 out of 10 rating, praising the length of the campaign as well as the combat system.


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