Gaming Headsets: Tritton Detonator and Turtlebeach XP500

By Scott Pell

The two main forces in the
gaming headset market are without a doubt, Turtle Beach and Tritton. Each
company makes high quality headsets with high definition sound and comfort.
Tritton, for the Xbox 360 crowd, introduces the Detonator. The Tritton
Detonator comes in a sleek black, with a comfortable and sturdy design. There
is an adjustable remote along the chord that allows for precise audio control.
The Detonator has 50mm speakers, which by the way can be used to listen to more
than just your games. The 3.5mm input jack on the Detonator headset can be used
to listen to mp3 players, and can also be used as a headset for your mobile
phone. As with other headsets of this design, users can keep the volume to a
minimum with both game and voice audio coming through the headset, for those
late night gaming sessions. If you don’t mind having a wired headset, and you
have $80 to spend on a headset, I would recommend taking a look at the Tritton

On the other end of things
from Turtle Beach, the XP500. The XP500 is an improvement of Turtle Beach’s
PX5, which has been designed for the Xbox 360. The XP500 is a wireless headset,
which also has Bluetooth technology. The headset has 7.1 surround sound, a
digital signal processor which controls chat, game and mic signals, and it has
a range up to 30 feet. The headset is wireless and runs on AA batteries, but
with the booster circuit and a feature that shuts down the headset after five
minutes of silence, can extend life up to fifteen hours. Safety is in mind with
XP500 sound processors as it recognizes loud noises and dampens them so as to
not damage your hearing. That being said, the processor also allows for the
adjustment of softer sounds (like footsteps) for total immersion, and
domination, on the battlefield of online gaming. The Turtle Beach XP500 is the
optimum choice for your gaming headset. For this level of quality, it ain’t
gonna be cheap, rounding out to about $270. However, if you want the best,
XP500 would be it.


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