Minecraft Tricks: Info on Enderman and How To Kill

With the release of Minecraft 1.8 on 9/14/11 by Notch. A new mob called the Enderman was added to the game. The Enderman is a neutral mob meaning it will not attack the player unless provoked like a wolf or a zombie pigman in the Nether. They have the ability to be able to pickup and move blocks around. If a player looks at them by placing their crosshair directly over them, they freeze, stare back at the player, open their mouth and become hostile. Enderman are able to teleport once per second allowing them to close in on the player.

To prevent an attack a player can wear a pumpkin Enderman will not attack the player wearing one. It is safe to look at them through transparent blocks like glass, glass panes, iron bars, ice and vines – but not stacked half slabs. A trick to when fighting them is to follow their shadows they make after teleporting allowing to track them.


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