Starfox 64 3D Tricks and Hints #1

Here are some important tips for Starfox 64 3D:

1: During your first mission, if you would like to reach an
alternate boss, first help Falco out. Then fly under the arches up ahead, avoid
the robots, and if you did it right Falco will lead you through a waterfall
and you’ll get an alternate boss fight.

2: Keep your crew alive. If Peppy, Slippy, or Falco’s
ship is badly damaged during the mission they will retreat and you will not have
them for your next mission. You will especially want them alive for the battle
with Star Wolf and his crew.

3: The battle with Star Wolf is difficult. You may
lose the first 2 or 3 times, it took me 3 tries to beat them. But you don’t have
to beat them. If you want just keep yourself alive and it’ll say Mission
Complete and you’ll go on to the next mission which is rather normal ship combat.
But, if you would like to fly through a volcano shoot giant lava monsters by
yourself and defeat Star Wolf. This will lead you to the volcano.

4: Get items. Gold Rings and Silver Rings both boost health.
The boxes with the S on them give you a laser boost.

5: The Landmaster can be a pretty fun and exciting vehicle to
use. But you have to use it well. While the Landmaster is just plain fun at
first and is a change from the Arwing, your ship, you have to be careful because it’s
harder to aim and you have to hover with L and R to avoid certain obstacles.
Your main goal is to destroy the train. The boss is hard for that level.


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  1. Maxwell McCauley

    By the way there is also an extra level with the Landmaster. If you go to Sector X, the alternate level after beating Star Wolf, at the boss fight the giant robot whacks Slippy and he goes flying off into space. There will then be an alternate mission to go find Slippy. On this mission the Landmaster is used. If you like using the Landmaster as much as I do you’ll want to play this level.

  2. The 1st hint will lead you to Sector Y, a very difficult level.

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