Starfox 64 3D Review

Starfox 64 3D is the newest 3DS title which holds up surprisingly well on a portable system. It starts out by talking about the storyline and some other things, then the gameplay starts. After you start playing the first thing it does is offer you to enable gyro controls. Say no! That’s the motion sensing and you don’t want it for the game. Your arms will tire out after 2
minutes, it’s frustrating to calibrate, and it does not enhance the gameplay.

Next, this game adds many features that were not in the old game. The new features include motion sensing (which I mentioned earlier), a classic mode of gameplay to try to relive the N64 experience, and touch screen features. Occasionally it will say on the bottom screen Incoming Message-Tap The Touch Screen! 99% of the time it’s a robot saying “Location confirmed. Sending Supplies.” Also, frequently a box that gives your lasers (an upgrade) will be received but if you don’t like having to pull
out your stylus it’s not worth it.

“Do a Barrel Roll!”-Peppy. The voices get annoying fast. It includes Falco saying things like “I’m on your side genius!” or “I could use some help here Fox!” I don’t even want to start with Slippy. If you are going to listen to anybody Peppy is the one worth paying attention to.

Anyways Nintendo aimed to do the same thing as they did with Zelda 3D. They give the graphics a huge upgrade, added
motion sensing, took away one or 2 features, and brought back those really annoying old characters, Navi and Slippy, ftw! The 3D has barely any good moments so I suggest keeping that off the whole time. But I am just one person so you should try it. They unfortunately take away the first person view which would have been fun. Then, there are branching storylines of course. On the first level there is something that I doubt you know. You all remember on the first level when you hear Falco say “I could use some help here Fox!” Well if you help Falco then up ahead you see these sort of bridge shaped arcs in the water. Fly under those (all of them) and Falco will lead you to an alternate boss. The final level is still very frustrating but I don’t want to spoil anything for you though. It is a good purchase whether you’ve played Starfox before or not.

TheGameGuide rates this game an 8.5 out of 10. This game fared pretty well with me and I am glad to tell you about it!


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