Nintedo 3DS: Second Circle Pad Expansion

You may be wondering why this Nintendo 3DS looks different. Japan’s gaming magazine Famitsu looks at Nintendo’s new accessory for the 3DS. It is a second circle pad/thumbstick. Yes, it looks very unattractive but it is supposed to “enhance” gaming for the handheld. Nintendo just recently announced this along with the announcement of Monster Hunter 3G being remade on 3DS. This suggests that it will be used for the upcoming Monster Hunter.

They have not announced any other games that will be used for this accessory yet but  I could see it being used for shooters as a rotator for the camera and as a quick way to swap items.Resident Evil the Mercenaries managed but it was not as good asthe console versions. We don’t want versions of games crap just because it’s on a portable system. Perhaps this new accessory could be used for Resident Evil Revelations when it’s released.

Anyways I do not believe that Nintendo thought this through enough. They picked an ugly look and according to many people there are some other downsides to the expansion. For example, if you use this expansion then you have to take it off whenever you want to change your current 3DS game. If Nintendo goes through with this then I would wait a few weeks to see what other people think of it. But I believe if they do go through with this it would become a necessary accessory for every upcoming game. So you may have to buy it in the end!


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  1. If Nintendo is big on circle pads for the Nintendo 3DS, then they should have included two circle pads in the first place. That accessory looks bulky to carry around with a person.

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