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Info On Upcoming Game “Rage”

On October 4th, 2011, Rage is going to be
released by Bethesda. In an interview with Digital Foundry, id software
creative director, Tim Willits, they discussed the game and the new technology
that was developed specifically for the game. id software designed the game for
the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC equally. Willits said “There are more similarities
between them than most people realize, so they developed a codebase that would
take care of these multi-core systems.” While there are these similarities between the
systems there are still technological restrictions. The PS3 will only have one
Blu-Ray disc, but will require an 8 GB install. The Xbox 360 version of the
game will come on three discs and require an installation for each disc. “If
you don’t have the space available on your hard drive, don’t stress. Install
the first disc, the first chapter, the first half of the game, then when you’re
done, uninstall and install disc two,” says Willits. This will most likely
create a problem for Xbox 360 owners who bought the version with the 4 GB hard
drive. However, while it may be a bit of an inconvenience to install and
uninstall each disc on your Xbox I would say that it sounds like it is going to
be a solid title. id software has had this game in development for the past
five years and has been very careful each step of the way. Rage looks to be worth
the wait.


TheGameGuide Minecraft Server Is In Progress

Soon TheGameGuide will be unveiling a server in progress. We will start to open it to the public in the upcoming months. If you do not have Minecraft get it now and see what it is all about! Then you will be able to play with us!

Game Realm Poster

Game Realm Poster

You can buy this awesome video game poster by clicking here!

World of Warcraft 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses

With Patch 4.3 Coming Up Relatively Soon Blizzard has released the Tier 13 Set Bonuses.

Death Knight

Blood, 2P — When an attack drops your health below 35%, one of your Blood Runes will immediately activate and convert into a Death Rune for the next 20 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 45 sec.Blood, 4P — Your Vampiric Blood ability also affects all party and raid members for 50% of the effect it has on you.
DPS, 2P — Sudden Doom has a 30% chance and Rime has a 60% chance to grant 2 charges when triggered instead of 1.DPS, 4P — Runic Empowerment has a 25% chance and Runic Corruption has a 40% chance to also grant 710 mastery rating for 12 sec when activated.


Balance, 2P — Insect Swarm increases all damage done by your Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath spells against that target by 3%.Balance, 4P — Starsurge generates 100% extra Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is not active.
Feral, 2P — While Berserk is active, Savage Defense absorbs are 100% larger, and your Blood in the Water talent now causes Ferocious Bite to refresh the duration of your Rip on targets with 60% or less health.Feral, 4P — Frenzied Regeneration also affects all raid and party members, and your Stampede talent now grants two charges after using Feral Charge (Cat).
Restoration, 2P — After using Innervate, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for 15 sec.Restoration, 4P — Your Rejuvenation and Regrowth spells have a 10% chance to Timeslip and have double the normal duration.


2P — Steady Shot and Cobra Shot generate double the amount of focus.4P — Your Arcane Shot ability has a chance to grant 25% haste to you and your pet for 10 sec.


2P — Your damaging spells have a 30% chance to grant Stolen Time, increasing your haste rating by 50 for 30 sec and stacking up to 10 times.  When Arcane Power, Combustion, or Icy Veins expires, all stacks of Stolen Time are lost.4P — Each stack of Stolen Time also reduces the cooldown of Arcane Power by 3 sec, Combustion by 4 sec, and Icy Veins by 6 sec.


Holy, 2P — After using Divine Favor, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for 15 sec.Holy, 4P — Increases the healing done by your Holy Radiance spell by 20%.
Protection, 2P — Your Judgement ability now also grants a physical absorb shield equal to 30% of the damage it dealt.Protection, 4P — Reduces the cooldown of Divine Guardian by 60 sec and increases the radius of its effect by 70 yards.
Retribution, 2P — Your Judgement ability has a 50% chance to generate 1 Holy Power.Retribution, 4P — While Zealotry is active your abilities deal 12% more damage.


Healer, 2P — After using Power Infusion or Lightwell, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for [10|15] sec.  (10 sec for Discipline, 15 for non-Discipline.)Healer, 4P — Your Power Word: Shield has a 10% chance to absorb 100% additional damage, and the cooldown of your Holy Word abilities is reduced by 20%.
Shadow, 2P — Shadow Word: Death deals an additional 55% damage, and you no longer take damage from your own Shadow Word: Death when the target fails to die.Shadow, 4P — Your Shadowfiend and Shadowy Apparitions have a 100% chance to grant you 3 Shadow Orbs each time they deal damage.


2P — After triggering Tricks of the Trade, your abilities cost 20% less energy for 6 sec.4P — Increases the duration of Shadow Dance by 2 sec, Adrenaline Rush by 3 sec, and Vendetta by 9 sec.


Elemental, 2P — Elemental Mastery also grants you 400 mastery rating 15 sec.Elemental, 4P — Each time Elemental Overload triggers, you gain 200 haste rating for 4 sec, stacking up to 3 times.
Enhancement, 2P — While you have any stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and healing spells deal 20% more healing or damage.Enhancement, 4P — Your Feral Spirits have a 45% chance to grant you a charge of Maelstrom Weapon each time they deal damage.
Restoration, 2P — After using Mana Tide Totem, the cost of your healing spells are reduced by 25% for 15 sec.Restoration, 4P — Increases the duration of Spiritwalker’s Grace by 5 sec, and you gain 30% haste while Spiritwalker’s grace is active.


2P — The duration of your Doomguard and Infernal summons is increased by [15|45] sec and the cooldown of of those spells is reduced by 4 min.  (45 for Demonology, 15 for non-Demonology.)4P — Soulburn grants a 10% increase to your spell power for 10 sec.


Protection, 2P — Your Revenge ability now also grants a physical absorption shield equal to 20% of the damage done by Revenge.Protection, 4P — Your Shield Wall ability now grants 50% of its effect to all party and raid members.
DPS, 2P — Heroic Strike costs 10 less rage while Inner Rage is active.DPS, 4P — Your Execute critical strikes have a 20% chance to refresh the duration of Colossus Smash.

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