TheGameGuide Rating Scale 2011

The following scale is our simple way to define how we thought of a game we reviewed.

10.0- Perfect: A game to get a perfect 10 must be flawless at every moment and keep the player amazed constantly at what is coming next.

9.0-  Excellent: A game must be exceptionally good in many aspects of gameplay to get such a high rating.

8.0- Good: There may be a couple parts of the game that can be worked on but in the end this is a game well worth your time.

7.0- Okay: This game has some things to work on but it didn’t fail completely as it was sucessful in some ways.

6.0- Meidocre: The release date on this game should’ve been changed after they realized how many flaws they had. But… in the end they just wanted the money.

5.0- Bad:More work needed to be put into this game. It wasn’t thought over that well and it needs to be looked at carefully.

4.0- Superbad: Yes we said superbad because this game is superbad! Nuff said!

3.0-  Awkward: That awkward moment when you realize your game sucks. Yea… that’s awkward.

2.0- Fail: It didn’t suck enough to be an epic fail but it wasn’t good enough to be bad.

1.0- Epic Fail: Was this game created by a cheese factory?


About TheGameGuide

We are two gamers writing about anything that has to do with video games to keep you up to date with the newest and coolest things.

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