Team Fortress 2 Review

    Today TheGameGuide takes a look at Team Fortress 2.   Since it was released by Valve in October of 2007 TF2 has been a fun online multiplayer game that many people enjoy. It can be found on the Steam store for free which is good for gamers who don’t like to spend a lot of money.

To start off, TF2’s gameplay is simple but entertaining as there are many options to how
you can play the game that affects your overall experience. First, the ability
to choose your class shapes how the game turns out. What I mean by this is that
if you chose the Spy class then you can cloak yourself to go behind enemy lines
and make an attempt to see what is going on or even go in for a kill. If you
chose the Pyro class then you are equipped with a flamethrower that allows you
to have close range attacks and set people on fire. There are many other classes
such as the Scout, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer and much more that shapes how the
game turns out. The different roles you can change to will entertain you for
hours because there are so many possibilities to what you can do!

Next, the unique game modes you can play in add to the fun of choosing your role in the
game. For example, in payload maps one team has to get a rail cart carrying a
bomb across a series of checkpoints up to a destination where the bomb is
released. This first time I played a payload map I didn’t know what I was doing
because it was my first time playing. Once I realized this I thought to myself…
I should go to the Spy class and see how far they’ve gotten. Well I was spotted
pretty easily because I think I turned cloaking off prematurely or something
but I liked the fact that I had the option to choose a class like that unlike
other games where there is only one role.

In the end Team Fortress 2 gets a 9 out of 10 from TheGameGuide! Yes this may look
like a short review but unlike other gaming sites we don’t like to go on and on
until you get bored with reading and want to take a nap! We told you what you
should look out for so go and download this FREE game from Steam while it’s
still free!


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