How Do You Build A Portal To The Nether?

In the Halloween update of Minecraft the Nether was released as an extension to the game. It is an interesting place to be in but you have to make a portal to get there. You have to make the portal with obsidian which you can find naturally near lava or you have to make it yourself by dropping buckets of water on lava. Now you can’t just use any pickaxe to get obsidian you need to use a diamond pickaxe to get a usable piece. So once you mine your obsidian (usually around 14 pieces you need) you have to place them down in a certain way to make a working portal. Now on the bottom you need four pieces and on each side you need three going up not counting the piece on the bottom and you need another row of four on the top equaling fourteen. The picture to the right is an example of how it should look. Once you get this portal made you are not done there. You need flint and steel to light up the portal making it turn a purple color. If this does not turn a purple color with snowflakes coming out then you made the portal wrong. So once it is made and running you can go in and have fun!


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