Next Xbox To Have Graphics Of Avatar Movie?

A scene from the Avatar movie.

There have been recent rumors that the next Xbox will have graphics equal to graphics in the Avatar movie by James Cameron. These rumors are false because that type of technology is not available yet. Weta Digital in Wellignton, New Zealand was the company who rendered the movie. It took 34 racks with each rack holding 4 chassis with 32 machines in each chassis. That is over 4,000 super computer machines with a total of 40,000 processors. Each frame could take either several minutes to several hours of render time because of the complexity of the graphics. In the end it took them over a month to render the whole Avatar movie which is longer than the standard movie takes to render. So if someone claims that the next Xbox will have graphics equal to the Avatar movie then they do not know how much processing power you actually need to produce those kind of graphics.


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