Who Would Win?: Mario vs Sonic

Mario and Sonic against each other!

In this week’s Who Would Win? we pit two well known video game characters together… Mario and Sonic. To start off, Mario relys on his powerups for his strength. When he gets one he can become a very worthy opponent. Since he has been given so many powerups throughout the series we will just focus on the reoccuring ones. First, the Fireflower gives Mario the ability to throw fireballs at his opponents. With enough hits from them a challenger would be unable to fight. Next,  the Super Mushroom causes Mario to grow in size and strength. This can be unexpected to an enemy giving Mario the chance to do some damage until they put thier guard up. Also, the Starman powerup gives Mario temporary invinciblity. This can help Mario when he is losing the battle to gain an edge and get back on his feet. Lastly, Mario’s weapon is his hammer. This can be useful to him when he does not have any of his powerups.

Next, Sonic’s abilites allow him to be a great challenge in a battle against Mario. First, Sonic’s superspeed makes him nearly an impossible target to catch. He can use his speed to his advantage in many ways such as the Spin Dash. The Spin Dash allows him to start spinning in one place and release off into one direction. Also, the Homing Attack allows him to spin into the air at a target. This can be useful as long as the target stays in the air long enough. You can not forget Sonic’s Super Sonic mode. This gives him an even greater edge by being able to extend his power beyond what he already has.

Who Would Win? Mario or Sonic? TheGameGuide has to give this to Sonic because his powers cancel out anything that Mario can throw at him. If Mario tried to use any of his powerups such as the FireFlower or Super Mushroom Sonic would be able to maneuver them with his superspeed and come up to Mario at any time without him knowing. Even if Sonic didn’t run away from Mario after one hit from Sonic Mario would lose either his FireFlower or Super Mushroom ability… whatever he had! And for his Starman invincibility it is only temporary so Sonic could just wait Mario out. Then Mario would be left with just his hammer to defend and Mario would be attacked by Sonic’s Spin Dash. The only circumstance where Sonic would not win the battle is if they were in the ocean. Since Sonic can’t swim he would have to run on water leaving Mario the advantage for a sneak attack. But since this is only one circumstance Sonic would still win in general for every other area.


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  1. The article you wrote is really nice.

  2. Yes in Super Sonic form he’s nearly unbeatable. According to the comics it increases his Speed 1000 fold! With that Mario didn’t stand a chance.

  3. Are you going to do any more fights?

  4. Any Fight is OK for me, but to be specific how about an Anime Fight. Like Goku vs Naruto. Something like that would be cool.

  5. Thanks, but I’ll pass. I already have a blog of my own that I have to work on. I also do fights among other things.


    Though it won’t be updating for a couple of days because I am working on Records which usually takes a couple of days. aside from that I update every day and take requests for fights

  6. I just want anything besides another Olympic Games.

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