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Back To The Past: Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations Gameplay!

This week’s Back To The Past focuses on the PC game Rise of Nations. Since it was released on May 23rd ,2003 Rise of Nations has been a fun and entertaining game to play. It has won awards such as PC Gamer’s 2003 Game of the Year Award and many more. Rise of Nations is a single and multiplayer war game that has many different game types such as my favorite Conquest and other like World Wonder building. You can chose to have your own campaign to conquer the world or just have a Quick Battle where you can set up your own settings and place one small game. Rise of Nations is influenced by the real world as you can play as many different nations and in many different time periods ranging from the Ancient Age to the Information Age. With the expansion Thrones and Patriots Rise of Nations can be bought for twenty dollars at your usual retailer. To find out more about this game visit it’s website by clicking here!


Awesome Minecraft Server

I was bored so I started to play Minecraft. No friends were online so I found an awesome server! If you want to visit this server connect to

Modern Warfare 2: Fun With Explosions

If you are in Call of Duty MW2 Multiplayer and you want to use all explosives make the following class…

Primary Weapon- Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher

Secondary Weapon- Thumper

Equipment- C4

Special Grenade- Flashbang

Perk 1- Scavenger Pro

Perk 2-Danger Close Pro

Perk 3- Last Stand Pro

Deathstreak- Final Stand

Big Ass TNT Explosion Aftermath

Explosions are Fun

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