Sony and Microsoft Merger

There have been recent rumors about a merger between Sony and Microsoft. By reserving URL’s such as and Microsoft has given people the idea that a merger is occuring. Is this bad or good? On one side Microsoft and Sony can combine their great qualities that make their systems remarkable such as Blu Ray with the Sony PS3 and the backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360. There are some problems that may arise between a merger between these two companies though. First, will we stick with the two seperate systems or will the merger bring a merger in systems? If so does this mean the end of free online that comes with the PSN network or the removal of no battery controllers? Also, with little to no competition becasue of the merger will Microsoft/Sony stop working hard to out do themselves like they usually do? We just have to wait and find out if we will keep on playing a system that is constantly innovated or a system that is rarely innovated. If this merger does turn out to be true I myself look foward to playing PS3 and Xbox exclusives without having to switch from one system to the other! Stay up to date with the news to find out what is next!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I liked this one, keep up the good work 🙂

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